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Ryan has 15+ years of marketing experience, ranging from print to digital. Ryan’s passion for marketing started when he was young, and first became a “job” for him when he started in the mailroom of a marketing company just after graduating from high school. Currently Ryan runs a digital marketing consultancy and recently launched his own digital marketing agency focused on serving small businesses.


Ryan spent 4 years on Wall Street working closely with ultra-high net worth individuals, helping manage their portfolios. Prior to his time on Wall Street, Ryan spent countless hours analyzing company and stock valuations while pursuing his college education in finance and economics. Ryan continues to use his financial background daily as he continues to manage an 8-figure portfolio and analyze investments for himself and clients.


Ryan started his first “real company” when he was a junior in college. After months of laying the foundation, countless all nighters, and all the fun that comes with starting a business, launch day was here. Ryan pre-sold $100,000 worth of his product in 30 days, and successfully jumped into the world of entrepreneurship. After taking a few years off from entrepreneurship to work on Wall Street, Ryan gladly jumped back in.

About Ryan Chaffin

Don’t let the young face fool you, Ryan Chaffin is a leading crowdfunding expert. Ryan wanted a way to use his marketing, finance and entrepreneurship experiences in one comprehensive project, which led him to launching a consumer brand via crowdfunding. After careful analysis and planning, months of endless work and late nights, Ryan was looking to raise $10,000 to launch the project. For the first 20 hours, the project raised an average of $1,000 per hour, and at the end of the the thirty-day campaign, the project had raised over $100,000. 

Ryan was amazed by the potential of crowdfunding, and immediately started helping others successfully launch and fund their ideas. To this date, Ryan has helped 100+ crowdfunding projects raise over $3 million, blowing past their funding goals and launching a world of possibilities.

In addition to consulting and advising in the crowdfunding space, Ryan actively serves as a digital marketing consultant for several large tech companies. After the pandemic in 2020 started, and reviewing his track record for these tech companies, Ryan decided it was time to help as many small businesses across America as possible, and launched his own digital marketing agency. Through this agency, Ryan and his team only work with small to medium businesses, allowing these businesses access to the same knowledge and strategy that the “big” companies use.

While Ryan stays active in the marketing, entrepreneurship and crowdfunding spaces daily through his work, he also keeps up with the financial markets as an investor and advisor, in addition to managing an eight-figure portfolio.