What's Your Reason for Action?

It’s that time of the year again… Everyone is suddenly motivated, and some believe that ringing in a new year suddenly means 2020 will be their best year yet.  What’s the problem here?  Nothing actually changed, other than the year you write when you happen to use the date. 

“Your dreams don’t work unless you do.”

We’ve all heard it.  Many of us believe in it.  The key in that saying is work, or action.  We can make 2020 our best year yet, as long as we are honest with ourselves and accept that it is going to require work.  Nothing magically happens in our life simply because a new year is here. 

And that is why I pose the question: what’s your reason for action? 

I don’t want us all to set ambitious goals and then not take action.  I’ve found in my own life, when I simply set a goal, just a goal, with now reason (or “why”) strongly attached to it, I rarely hit that goal.

However, when I establish a goal with a strong reason, I’m more motivated day in and day out to work towards that goal.

After all, the root of “motivated” or “motivation” is “motive”, which simply means “reason for action”.

So instead of feeling a fleeting sense of motivation on this New Year’s Day, I challenge each of us to clearly define our own “reason for action” in 2020, set goals accordingly, and then take action every day that gets us closer to achieving those goals and honoring our reason for action (motive).

Each of our reasons for action will be different, but here are some examples you may consider:

Each of the reasons listed above could be considered as being connected, but you can have one without the rest.  Some of us may want to become financially independent, so that we can quit our jobs, so that we can spend more time with family.  Some of us may just want to quit a job we don’t like. 

Getting down to your root, your motive, your reason for action will help you set more meaningful goals, and stay committed to your goals beyond January 15th, when most people’s resolutions are dead.

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